Hey guys,
Just a few news from Austin TX, I am doing great here, still living my american dream!
A few days ago my friends and I had a jam in my backyard for my 24th birthday, it was a good time, we all had fun and it was awesome watching those kids shred my ramps! I also made myself a sweet birthday gift by buying my 1st motorcycle, I'm super stoked on it!!
My wife and I just came back from a week in Vegas (and a few days in Phoenix AZ) it was really cool too,this place is nuts, I can't wait to go back.
This last couple weeks was busy but great, and by the end of February a few friends (Dech, Max Bonfil...) of mine from France are coming in town for a month or so, I'm really looking forward to it and hope to be able to ride with them a lot!!
Have fun guys and keep schreddin!